Meet Chrysanthos Moudouros & CO LLC

Welcome to Chrysanthos Moudouros & CO LLC, where we combine years of legal expertise with a passion for delivering results. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest standard of legal services in Cyprus.

We are a boutique law firm based in Paphos, Cyprus and our area of focus is business related legal fields. We are driven by innovation and believe that in order to provide tailor-made advice and services at the highest level, it is crucial to understand the needs of our clients in the ever-evolving global business world.

We focus on being able to provide swift and clear advice and provide support on every step of your activities, both legal and procedural.

Our vision is to understand the business operations of our clients, enabling us to provide tailor-made advice. We strive to remain informed about new technologies and innovations and we build lasting relationships on our clients, based on integrity and our fostering of a culture for growth.

Our Philosophy: Excellence and Personalized Service

At Chrysanthos Moudouros & CO LLC, we believe in a client-centric approach. Our philosophy is grounded in understanding each client’s unique needs and delivering tailored legal solutions with excellence and precision.

Areas of practice

Real Estate Law

Our significant expertise allows us to advise and undertake the representation of parties in all areas of real estate transactions, both relating to residential and commercial properties.

Our priority is to ensure that the transaction is concluded in a smooth manner and to guide and provide assistance in a well-rounded, clear and concise way, with our priority to be the protection of the rights of our clients.

Our services include the following:

  • drafting and review of property sale and purchase agreements, undertaking the conveyance procedure including applications for obtaining the tax clearances, applications for obtaining Council of Ministers approval (if applicable) and of all required documentation for the Land Registry
  • transfer of the title deed procedures
  • carrying out due diligence procedures prior to any purchases (mipos na antistrafei me to proto?)
  • drafting and review of tenancy agreements
  • assistance with property management agreements, advisory services in relation to property management committees
  • assistance with mortgage procedures
  • estate planning and wills
  • trapped purchasers’ applicationσ and subsequent transfer of the title deed

Immigration Services

Having handled a significant number of diverse cases, our experience with immigration services ensures that we may offer tailor-made advice and assist with all relevant procedural matters in a swift and reliable manner.

Our services include the following:

  • registration of European Union citizens as residents, as well as members of their family who are not European Union citizens
  • obtainment of Permanent Residence Permits, both Category F and Investors Immigration Permits
  • obtainment of employment permits for third country nationals as well as members of their families under the family reunification procedure
  • obtainment of long-term residence permits
  • obtainment of temporary residence permits as visitors

Employment Permits

We specialise in the obtainment of employment permits for third country nationals for international business companies and by extension, members of their families under the family reunification procedure.

This is a significant asset for companies wishing to relocate their headquarters or offices to Cyprus and we aim to make the normally stressful relocation procedure smooth and efficient.

Our services include the following:

  • advising on the requirements, procedures, timeframes and setting up a roadmap from the first step to completion
  • assistance with applying for inclusion in the Business Facilitation Unit
  • assistance with obtaining and gathering all required documents for the employer company, employee and family members
  • assistance with the renewal of permits

Non-domicile status

The non-domicile status has become a great point of attraction to relocating to Cyprus in recent years. Paired with the 60-day tax residence, it is an ideal incentive for persons working remotely and in general entrepreneurs.

Our services include the following:

  • advising on the requirements, procedures and applicable timeframes
  • assistance with preparing and submitting the relevant applications
  • communicating with the Tax Department for smooth processing

Tax planning

Tax planning is an essential part of international business and we may assist with advising on all relevant obligations and requirements.

The 60-day rule coupled with the non-domicile status have proven to be advantageous in tax planning in an unparalleled way, particularly for digital nomads and other digital entrepreneurs.

Our services include the following:

  • advising on tax obligations and relevant deadlines for persons or companies relocating to Cyprus
  • advising and undertaking the formation of tax optimising structures
  • advising and providing assistance with tax compliance matters
  • FATCA and CRS advisory services
  • advisory services on corporate substance matters
  • advising and assisting with establishment of tax residence in Cyprus under the 183-day or 60-day rules

Corporate & Commercial

Our firm has significant experience in the corporate and commercial sectors, including company formation and administration.

The formation of a Cyprus company is straightforward, does not require the presence of the shareholders in Cyprus and offers significant tax advantages. Additionally, we provide support for the administration and operation of companies, ensuring their operaton is smooth and transactions are carried out with certainty.

Our services include the following:

  • incorporation of Cyprus companies and support for their operation
  • carrying out changes in company structure with the Registrar of Companies
  • corporate bank account opening
  • secretarial services and administrative support
  • drafting and review of contracts
  • advisory services on agreements, transactions and general support


As banking is an integral part of all operations and transactions and the regulatory environment for international banking becomes more complicated, we aim to provide support for your banking needs on both the opening and operation of bank accounts.

Our services include the following:

  • opening of personal and corporate bank accounts
  • support for inward and outward transaction documentation
  • anti-money laundering compliance assistance and advisory
  • assistance with loans and mortgages
  • bank account management and signatory services

Wills & Administration

Our firm is assisting with the formation of a Cyprus, reflecting the wishes of its clients and implementing them accordingly.

Our services include the following:

  • advising on the legislation and regulations in force at the time of the formation of the will
  • drafting of the will and signing in the presence of two witnesses
  • administration of the estate and subsequent conclusion of the transfer of the estate to the beneficiary/ies

Our Commitment to Innovation and Growth

In an ever-evolving legal landscape, Chrysanthos Moudouros & CO LLC stays ahead through continuous learning and adaptation to new legal trends and technologies. We invest in our team’s growth to offer innovative legal solutions.

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